Radcliffe.Waring is a freelance graphic design business, specialising in corporate identity structures,
brand management, packaging, print and production. Focussing on strong ideas in design, founded in 1994
Caroline Waring, a UK trained designer, Radcliffe.Waring has achieved appropriate and lasting results for
a varied range of clients. Calling on a small team of specialists, including our working web partner
ensures experienced personal service, achieving outstanding cost effective solutions. On the following pages
are examples of some of the projects we’ve been involved in, working with large corporate design companies,
in a freelance capacity and more recently as
Radcliffe.Waring, directly with clients.

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The team Caroline Waring has over 20 years of international design experience. Training and
spending the initial 10 years of her career in London, she gained experience in many design areas.
Her portfolio includes work for clients in Milan, Switzerland and Finland. Living in Australia since
1991, she has been involved in many complex, political design challenges, such as heading up the
design team for the Olympic Bid Books, Sydney 2000 Games and brand identity structures for all
facets of business. She has also lectured at various Sydney colleges, designed course stuctures, prepared and hosted workshops for corporate marketing departments.

Steven Fehre has developed a keen appreciation of client needs as a result of his 20 years of
national and international experience as a model, through agency liaison and technical skill
development. Since 2007 fehreweb has utilised his creative and technical skills to ensure that
clients from a wide range of corporate areas enjoy a productive and effective online experience for consumers.


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Disclaimer All graphics in this web site are for the sole purpose
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Radcliffe.Waring, including fehréweb. It should not be
reproduced, redesigned or copied without prior permission from
the clients or companies mentioned in relation to each project.
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